52 photos – week 10


How on earth did it get to be a 5th of the way through the year already?! This is week 10, and the photo is one I snapped quickly at the check out when shopping the other day, as both boys were getting impatient with queuing and I was trying to lighten the atmosphere by playing ‘boo’ from behind my phone. It worked… for about 10 seconds! We haven’t been shopping in a while – Granny has been doing internet orders mainly, but we’ve popped to the shops for the odd few things now and then. I usually wear Joel in the ring sling and Andrew walks around, helping me fill the basket, but on this occasion Andrew saw the trolleys and insisted that we get a ‘doubler’  – they love sitting there together, most of the time. We didn’t fill it by any means, but they enjoyed the ride, until we had to stop the wheels rolling at the check out that is.

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