Bathtime fun – wot so funee?

I was just thinking, it’s hard to imagine a time when Andrew won’t come out with hilarious snippets of speech, but I hope that by that time his little brother will be supplying us with some linguistic comedy too.

First up this week are a couple of observations he made when I was getting the Advent calendar ‘line of socks’ out of the Christmas decorations box. This year we have decided not to put any decorations up because we’re trying to pack things up ready to move house and the last thing we need is more stuff to pack away last minute. There will be plenty of decorations at Grandma and Pop’s house for Christmas, and at Granny and Grandad’s house for new year, so we won’t miss out completely. I did suggest putting some tinsel on the large stacks of cardboard boxes that fill every space possible at the moment, just to liven them up, but the boys didn’t seem bothered. As Andrew hauled some pieces of tinsel out of the decorations box, asking what it was, he declared that “this is very snaky, all glittery snaky”. He also came across some long and thin glittery tree decorations (a bit like baubles but that suggests spherical in shape). Without even asking me what these were like he did for the tinsel, he decided that they were “little golden pens” – good description really. He then walked around with them, pulling one or two out at a time and pretending to write with them, until he shoved one back in the box and they all came crashing out the other end, leaving a glittery mess on the floor. At which point Joel came over to see what all the fuss was about, and started spreading glitter left, right and centre. They thought it was hilarious! I didn’t quite find it so funny…

IMG 0115

With the recent fairly dreary weather, Andrew has become quite fascinated with the clouds. After I explained a few weeks ago that it’s actually the clouds that are moving rather than the sky when he looks up there, he’s shown that he now understand this: “the clouds are moving Mummy”…Yes that’s right, they are, I replied….“the clouds are moving to Birmingham!” Hmm, maybe he hasn’t quite understood the concept of ‘moving’ in terms of moving house, it is quite a big concept for a 2 year old to be fair.

I took the protective case off my phone the other day because Joel had dribbled all over it (good job I had a cover on it!) I’d left it on a shelf to dry more once I’d wiped it over, and must have forgotten about it. That is until Andrew asked me if I wanted “these bits of phone” – until I looked around and saw that he was holding the case, I thought there had been some terrible accident and my phone was in bits, phew!

Now for a couple of funee moments targeted at Daddy. We were sitting at the dinner table as usual one evening, and Andrew was sitting across from Daddy, looking right at him. After a while he piped up with: “are those your belly buttons Daddy?” Tom looked down, saw that he was wearing a shirt with buttons, and replied asking him if he meant the shirt buttons, and it turns out that he did. I’m sure all of us only have one belly button, but I think they’ve been talking about it in the bath recently.

And the piece de resistance of funees this week is more of an incident than linguistic comedy. Andrew was standing in the bath with the water running to fill it up (he likes to get in right from the start when the water starts running), and Daddy was in the bathroom but not looking at him, sorting Joel out to go in the bath. After a while when Daddy looked up, he was handed a cup of liquid, which he thought was bath water to begin with, until he took a closer look…. and discovered that is was a distinct greeny yellow colour. Yes, if you hadn’t guessed it, Andrew had grabbed one of the beakers that they play with in the bath, weed into it whilst standing up, and then thought to hand it out of the bath. To be fair, as Daddy pointed out, this was actually quite ingenious of him, and far better than weeing in the bath itself, though he had insisted not long before that he didn’t need to go on the toilet, which would have been the best place for it! Wot so funee?! Quite clever really.

Wot So Funee?

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