Plain pants – wot so funee?

Last week was rather crazy with various things, including a day trip to Birmingham on Tuesday, so I didn’t get around to writing a funee post. So here is a round up of the last two weeks of toddlerisms in our house.

In some ways I was a bit disappointed by the ‘Great Storm of 2013’ that the media were bigging up – it was just a bout of rain and a bit of wind where we are. But it did leave some rather spectacular puddles to splash in the following day! Andrew’s description of these bodies of water was thus: “These puddles are a bit lakey!” Fair enough, that’s actually a very good description in my opinion. And with all the wind, he was very impressed to see that “the sky is moving, Mummy, the sky is moving!!”ย That’ll be the clouds Andrew, but yes it does look like the sky is moving.

A very blustery day visiting Birmingham University - the sky was really moving fast above the clock tower ;)
A very blustery day visiting Birmingham University – the sky was really moving fast above the clock tower ๐Ÿ˜‰

He’s definitely caught on to the praise that we give him for doing certain things – going to the toilet, eating his vegetables, reading letters etc. Now he’s starting to give himself praise where he deems it due. For example, the other day we started playing football outside and before I’d said anything, he came out with: “I’m very good at playing football, I’m very good at kicking balls!” No modesty there then, maybe this means he’s bound to become a professional footballer?! Although he’s quite into basketball too. One day he and Daddy were both in the bathroom and Andrew asked if Daddy could go and get him a ball, because: “look, it’s a basketball net!” – referring to the towel hoop by the sink that he’d pulled up so it was horizontal to the wall like a basketball net. Football, basketball – either way he certainly hasn’t got any of his love of sport from his parents (I’m only any good at swimming, and Tom isn’t into competitive sports at all).

Here’s a bit of an odd funee. I ask Andrew if he’s OK quite a bit – if he’s bumped into something, if he’s looking confused or tired, or for many other reasons. Once this week when Daddy asked him if he was OK, he replied: “I’m opaque!” We presume he doesn’t actually know this word, so it was probably just a sound confusion – getting some consonants muddled around the correct vowels. But it did cause Daddy to wonder!

Another funee that didn’t happen with me, but that I enjoyed hearing Granny recount to me, was the confusion of the pants.ย Granny had bought Andrew a new pack of pants. Inside there were some with dinosaurs on, some with stripes on, and some plain. Due to a few drips after a big boy’s standing up wee (and toddler OCD which insists that pants must be completely dry before pulling them up to one’s skin), he needed a clean pair at one point when Granny and other family were visiting at the weekend for Joel’s birthday. Granny asked him if he wanted dinosaur pants, stripy pants, or plain pants. His reply: “plain pants”. But when Granny went to put them on he looked puzzled. “But where’s the aeroplane?” Ah, that would be PLANE pants then!

Of course, no self-respecting funee post would be complete without the mention of a fire alarm (the much mentioned red object that all started with this incident). On Sunday evening we were watching a home display of fireworks from our flat that was taking place in a garden over the road from us. This is the first year that Andrew has really taken much notice of fireworks, and after the initial uncertainty of whizzing noises, he was keen to watch them and all their lovely colours and patterns. The rockets were particularly impressive, and he tried to imitate the whoosh and bang that they made. After it was all over, he turned from the window and looked back into the room: “We don’t have any fireworks, we just have a fire alarm!” Yes Andrew, any excuse to mention a fire alarm!!


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