There was one in the bed (with random stuff) – wot so funee?

This is not the usual linguistic funny post from me, mainly because Andrew has started a hilarious habit which I have to share, as he finds it funny too!

It all started with some books. He’s always taken a teddy and doll to bed with him since he moved from a cot to a bed. Nothing unusual about that. But then one day about a month or so ago, I went in to their room (the boys share) to get Joel out when he’d woken up early, and Andrew was fast asleep with his books in bed with him. We keep a few books under his bed – his toddler Bible and a prayer book that we read before bed – and he had obviously at some point in the night, between us shutting their door and me going in at silly o’clock in the morning, brought them into bed with him.

This happened several more times, sometimes at night, sometimes during his nap. I would go in and find him snuggled up to some books. Then one day I found him cuddling my slippers – admittedly they do look like cuddly toys with big Winnie the Pooh heads on the front – I must have left them in his room when putting him to bed. Then things started to get a bit more ridiculous. One nap time a few weeks ago I found him in bed with the fabric and poles to a play tent that fits over the play pen. These had been stored under Joel’s cot, in a well lidded plastic box, so I was quite surprised that he’d ventured that far to find something to take in with him for nap. That evening, Tom rearranged the cupboards to put everything from under the cot up high in them.

Tent in bed

The next item he found in their room to take into bed was the buggy board! We keep the buggies in their room, so he must have got out of bed and brought it over. Why on Earth he chose to sleep with a hard and fairly heavy object with a wheel sticking up in his face is a mystery to us, but he seemed to think it was funny when he woke up.

This weekend the item of choice for sleeping with was the noodle swim float that I picked up for a bargain £1 at our local NCT nearly new sale on Saturday. I knew he was excited to have his very own to take swimming rather than relying on there always being one available at the pool, but I didn’t think it was so good that he had to cuddle it overnight. It’s now stored in the cupboard in the hallway.

And the latest thing that I found him napping with yesterday was a set of wooden penguins and a little wooden scene of the Nativity (from Bethlehem) that are on the high (or so I thought!) chest of drawers in the corner of their room. I had no idea he could reach that high, although there’s nothing on it that could do any harm.

So that’s his latest craze, and every time I go into his room, I wonder what I’ll find him in bed with. There’s nothing in their room at their level that we don’t want them to get at, it’s just funny to see what he manages to find!


Wot So Funee?


8 thoughts on “There was one in the bed (with random stuff) – wot so funee?”

  1. Aw he must really love what all those things signify to him. We had to remove most of the contents of GG’s room for a while due to similar shenanigans. She went through a stage of climbing up onto the windowledge and removing the wooden dowelling from the back of her blinds!

    1. Haha! It’s so good to know that my own kids aren’t unusual in their weird habits! Dowelling… hmm… must check for such things!

    1. yes that’s exactly it – looks like he’s zonked mid way through some game or another 🙂

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