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As sickness took over my life at the weekend (the boys all seem to have escaped it so far…), I’m a bit behind with this week’s funee round-up. But Andrew was on top form, making me laugh with his cute-isms when I really wasn’t feeling like laughing otherwise 🙂

If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you’ll probably remember Andrew’s encounter with a fire alarm at the local Children’s Centre. Ever since that day he has become a toddler on a mission to spot every fire alarm in the whole world! He regularly points them out to me in places that I would never have noticed them. Just recently he has spotted a few “black fire alarms” – these aren’t the usual colour, which is of course red. He’s seen these on the bus, and also on a building just by the bus stop that we wait at if we get the bus home from town – this building is the magistrate’s court. I’ve had to break it to him that this black variety are in fact not fire alarms – they are CCTV cameras instead! I’m not sure he really understands that concept, but I think he’s just about understood that they are video cameras. If anyone does have the pleasure of watching them, they’ll have plenty of footage of Andrew pointing at them and rabbiting on.

On Saturday morning, Daddy explained to Andrew that he was going to take both boys out to ‘Daddy and me club’ at a local church, which they haven’t been to for a while for various reasons. This club is a brilliant Dad and toddler group that runs on the first Saturday of every month, and is a great way for the three of them to spend time together and give me some time on my own at home. Andrew took in this information about where they were going, and then later, when they were about to leave and I asked him where they were going, he said “golf club…. might be Granny and Grandad there!” I giggled and told him that he was right about the word ‘club’, but this wasn’t the same kind of club as the golf ones. You see he’s come across golf clubs in Granny and Grandad’s garden (hence their mention in his reply above) more frequently than he’s come across other kinds of club so far. Grandad has even sawn down an old club of Uncle Matt’s to just Andrew’s height, so he’s had lots of fun hitting balls in random directions with it!

Before he goes to bed, Andrew has a little routine: bath > potty and Thomas story > tidy up toys > mummy milk > teeth brushing > Bible story in bed > bedtime book in bed. That might seem like a lot of stories, but he loves books, and each one doesn’t take that long in itself. The ‘bedtime book’ is a small board book with a touchy feely bit on each page, and it goes through various things associated with going to bed (pyjamas, teddy, teddy, cot etc.) Andrew has heard it so many times that he now ‘reads’ it himself, turning each page and saying the words perfectly as he does, all by himself. However, the other day, disaster struck and the paper on the front board cover, which has been loose since we got it secondhand, ripped off as it was picked up the wrong way. Andrew’s response was: “Oh no, the skin’s all ripped off!” I love the fact that his mind is very logical and made the link between his skin or fruit skin and the book’s ‘skin’ – they are similar after all!

One morning Andrew and I had been talking a bit of French (well I was doing most of the talking and he was answering my questions in English in his usual fashion). He then went over to Daddy with a basket of blocks, which he’d been pretending were fruits, and asked him: “Do you want an orange, Daddy?” Nothing unusual about that you might think… but he said “orange” the French way! (It’s a bit hard to convey that funee in text, it’s much better spoken out loud, the spelling is the same in both languages!) Daddy, whose French isn’t up to much, said ‘thank you’.

And finally, one evening Joel was getting tired and hungry for dinner, which he showed in a very vocal way by whinging and then crying if I dared to move out of his sight to start cooking. At one point, just as the sound effects took on a new crescendo, an ice cream van came up the road, of course playing its loud Greensleeves tune. Andrew turned to Joel and said, rather loudly in his face (which was necessary to be heard): “Don’t worry Joel, it’s just an ice cream van, just an ice cream van!” Now that’s called being a good big brother, reassuring his little bro that these ice cream vans that plague the area really are harmless!

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