Sandwiches – wot so funee?

It’s been a busy week, and the notes app on my phone seems to have fewer funees that normal, probably because I haven’t had as much chance to note them down. The ones I did note are good though, at least I think they are…

Andrew’s favourite food for lunch is a ‘cheese sandwich’, by which he actually means any filling in the sandwich and a piece of cheese on the side – don’t ask, it’s just historic accident I think. One day this week there was only enough bread in the bread bin for him and Joel for lunch, so I defrosted a wholemeal bagel from the freezer for myself. Of course Andrew caught wind of this and asked for a ‘circle cheese sandwich’ for him too! I had to laugh, it did look very like his only round, and with a request like that, how could I refuse?

He usually has peanut butter on his bread, and as he used to pull sandwiches apart and eat the filling separately from the bread, I gave up giving him closed sandwiches a while ago, instead I always give him an open sandwich. But one day this week he decided that he wanted ‘nother sandwich on top, Mummy, mother sandwich on top’ – from context I gathered that he meant he wanted another slice of bread to make a closed sandwich. Who knew that so much fun could be had from a toddler’s concept of the popular bready lunchtime snack?

At the weekend we drove to Milton Keynes to meet the boys’ cousin and her parents at South Willen Lake (it’s a great place for a day out, I’d recommend it). On the way we drove past some fields that had a flock of crows landing on the wheat/corn (I’m no farmer). I remarked that there couldn’t be a scarecrow in the fields if all those crows felt able to land there. A little voice piped up from the back seat: ‘square crows, where square crows?’ I had visions of quadrant black birds at that moment! I went on to explain that I said scarecrow, like the one in the song: ‘I’m a dingle dangle scarecrow…’

We have a Playmobil (actually I think it’s a Playmobil lookalike) Noah’s Ark toy – a big boat with two each of about five different animals, plus Noah and his wife. Andrew was holding Noah in the garden the other day, I think he’d snuck out on Joel somehow, and then Andrew picked him up when he was inevitably dropped. I commented something along the lines of ‘oh Noah’s with us in the garden I see’, to which Andrew replied: ‘That’s not Noah, it’s a girl!’ After a little more probing as to why he thought it was a girl, it was clearly the long hair that did it. Funny though that he doesn’t think Uncle Pete is a girl.

Wot So Funee?

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6 thoughts on “Sandwiches – wot so funee?”

    1. 🙂 Bagels don’t come out very often in our house, but I sometimes have some in the freezer if they’re on offer

    1. Aha, glad it’s not just us! I can’t get him to eat a sandwich as bread and cheese together. I gave up saying anything though

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