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To think that Andrew was only saying a few single words when Joel was born 10.5 months ago, it’s hard to believe just how much he rabbits on these days! He’s picked up that we’ve been giving Joel lots of praise for his developmental milestones like crawling, cruising and standing unaided. On a few occasions now, just after I’ve said something like “Wow, Joel, look at your standing, that’s very good standing… Daddy, look at Joel’s standing, it’s good isn’t it?”, Andrew will come out with “Look at my standing, it’s good isn’t it?”, while standing up straight in a rather theatrical fashion. Yes Andrew, your standing should be good, you’ve done it for 2 years! Of course we give him praise too for the milestones he’s reaching, like all the wees and poos he’s doing in the potty, and when he reads all the letters of the alphabet in books or on signs. But I guess he must feel like he’s missing out when we praise Joel for his.

Standing up with ‘help’ from big brother!

An interesting thing that I’ve noticed Andrew doing recently with his speech is saying a whole sentence using just one vowel sound – for example, “this car is red” comes out something like “this kir is rid”. I think this comes from a song we have on a compilation CD of German kids songs, which starts off with a verse sung normally with all the correct vowel sounds, and repeats the same verse of words several times but with just one vowel in all the words, each repetition with a different vowel. Andrew thinks this is hilarious, and I think it’s good for making him more phonologically aware – how words are made up of different sounds. Not only is he now aware of and understanding how vowels and consonants fit together in words, but he’s manipulating them himself. I don’t know of any kids songs in English that do this, but Andrew is applying what he’s heard in German to his own English. One particularly funny incidence of this was when he was going through various vowels when saying “apple pie” – “oo” became “oople poo“!

Last week I talked about how he’s now often stating the obvious. This week we had another classic example of this… He hadn’t quite got to the potty in time when we was engrossed in some other activity, so some of the wee went over the floor (no big deal, I LOVE our laminate floor!) When he had finished and got up from the potty, putting his foot in the puddle, he wrinkled his nose up and said rather disgustedly “oooh, it’s a bit wet!” Well yes Andrew, that would be your wee on the floor.

Generally he’s always been a very good eater, and we’ve not had much fussing – he eats a wide variety of foods, including some more unusual flavours that some adults don’t eat, such as olives and relatively hot curry. But recently he’s started to show a little more fussiness, though I’m sure in the grand range of toddler fussiness it’s nothing. One day I’d cooked a lentil and veggie stew in the slow cooker. Andrew looked less than impressed when I dished it up, and picked about not really eating it. Then he exclaimed “I don’t like this brown stuff”. So I replied, “Andrew, you haven’t even tried it. It’s like beans, come on, try a bit at least”. So reluctantly he tried one spoonful. His response after he’d swallowed: “Mmmm, yummy, my favourite!” How can you go from utter disgust to admitting it’s your favourite in less than a minute?! Toddlers can it seems.

And a quick funee to finish on… the boys’ Godfather’s son is called Ezra, or to Andrew this week, “Zebra” 🙂

Wot So Funee?

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10 thoughts on “My favourite – wot so funee?”

    1. Good to know it’s not just Andrew with his food. Joel seems to still be at the eat everything and anything stage.

  1. I can picture him standing with hands in hips awaiting your praise for excellent standing hehe!
    Love how Ezra becomes zebra. Jamster used to call the kitchen the chicken! x

  2. He sounds a lot like my little man, especially the potty incident as C is appalled by all mess even when he makes it! He also did the standing thing but for him it was when I was trying to teach Fifi to walk and got – ‘look Mummy I’m great at walking’. xx

    1. Definitely good to know it’s not just him – I guess they still want praise when the sibling is getting it too

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