Baby leg warmers & rocket nappy – Nappykind review

I’ve recently come across Nappykind, an online shop that specialises in baby leg warmers and leggings. When they were asking if there were any bloggers interested in doing a review of their products, I thought this would be great to do on the Nappyness blog. I was also interested from a personal perspective, because I’d seen pictures of babies and toddlers in leg warmers, showing off their funky cloth nappy, but I’d not actually bought any. So this was the perfect opportunity to give them a go.

After taking a long time to decide from the large selection on their website, I went for a rocket print (Blast Off!) pocket nappy and a pair of blue cloud baby leg warmers, as I thought these looked good together and I knew we had other nappies that would go with the leg warmers, which are sky blue with rainbow thin stripes. When they arrived I was very impressed with the look of the nappy and leg warmers, they were bold colours and funky in design, and the style of yarn and knit was more unusual than I had seen in leg warmers before. We tried them on straight away, and as usual with a brand new nappy, my littlest nappy tester tested its containment capability almost immediately! It fared well, and was a good fit around his slim legs.


I also noticed in those few minutes since putting them on that the leg warmers had a pull in the knit. I did wonder when I got them out of the packaging whether the more unusual knit with several smaller yarns in a looser knit rather than one chunky yarn in a tighter knit would last long on a crawling baby, and indeed they looked a bit messy already. So I got in touch with Nappykind and explained that although I loved the design to look at, in practice they didn’t suit my crawler and t wouldn’t pay £6.99 again. Sabrina was very helpful and apologised for this, saying that feedback was very important to them, especially for new products like this one. She also offered to send out a new pair in a different design and knit for free as a replacement. So these are the ones that I shall review in more detail.

leg warmers

Starting with the nappy (using my usual review template)….

Cost and value for money:

When I got it, all the nappies on the website were reduced from £14.99 to £6.99. It wasn’t clear that they aren’t Nappykind’s own brand but rather ‘Babyland’, or a so-called ‘cheapy’ pocket, similar to those you can buy on eBay and Amazon. So I would say £6.99 is the absolute maximum that I would pay for this kind of nappy, and only then for a funky print, which aren’t always easy to find on cheap pockets, rather than a plain block colour one. The website says suitable from 6-12 months, though I think it’s an average birth to potty nappy myself, which would fit a big newborn to small toddler, so you get a fair amount of wear out of it over time.


It comes with one insert, which according to the website is cotton, though it feels much like microfibre to me, and I’d say the absorbency is what I would expect for microfibre. This is fine for my younger boy who isn’t a heavy wetter any more, and we can get a few hours out of it in the afternoon (when he wets less than in the morning). Boosted with an extra bamboo and it’s good for a morning out. This is standard for this kind of pocket nappy with insert.


As I said above, it fared well on its first containment test. I wouldn’t put this kind of nappy on a breastfed newborn, as I would be worried about leaks, but obviously I can’t test that myself now! We did have one slight leak when the nappy was very full of wee and was being pulled down at the crotch and therefore the fit was less good around the legs.



It is a nice trim fit with a relatively slim insert, though of course it gets bigger with extra boostage, but still doesn’t look huge on him.

Drying speed:

Very fast. The pocket dries in no time, as you would expect for PUL and fleece, and the insert is fast too.

Change Speed:

Fast. As it’s a one parter nappy to put on (as long as you pre-stuff it), it’s quick and easy to put on in a hurry. The poppers aren’t too stiff like I find with some nappies.

Ease of Use:

Easy. The PUL is nice and smooth inside so it’s easy to stuff the inserts, though my husband struggles a bit more than me with bigger hands as it’s quite a slim nappy, just like some of our other pocket and all in one nappies. Once stuffed, it’s very easy to put on and very user-friendly for those not accustomed to changing cloth nappies.


Poppers only – these last longer than Velcro/aplix, but it’s not as easy to get a perfect fit every time (this is a general pro/con of poppers versus aplix)



Funky print, particularly for boys, as I don’t see many specifically boy themed nappies compared to the pretty prints that are generally available for girls across brands. My toddler loves rockets, so this jumped out at me! The design of the nappy itself is nothing special, it’s a staple pocket nappy that I’m sure many people like to have in their stash, including us.


If you like simple pocket nappies and want a funky or pretty design, then this nappy, or the other prints that Nappykind sell, would find a good home in your stash. Nice and slim, especially for light wetters who don’t need extra boosting, and with an extra insert it lasts a good few hours or so with average wetting. I wouldn’t pay any more for it, but it’s not bad value for a basic nappy.

Now moving on to the leg warmers…

My first impression was that I love the colour – a lovely bold green, perfect for my little boy without being blue or covered in vehicles or sports equipment, like many boy clothes are! The black stars work well with the main green colour, and these leg warmers go with the (predominantly red) rocket print nappy as well as other nappies in our stash. The knit is a classic one, and this makes them nicely thick and warm for winter. The knitted fabric is very soft, which is important because it goes right next to his skin. They have been crawled around in several times now and I can’t see any damage, so that is encouraging and shows they are more robust than the more fragile ones we have.


I like the idea of the fold over cuff at the top, as I think it makes them look more interesting than a plain ‘sock-like’ cuff at the top as well as at the bottom, and I thought it might help them stay up well on my rather skinny legged little one. However, this isn’t the case, and actually I think the style of the original blue ones means they stay up better (clearly I can’t have it all in leg warmers!) But I think chunkier thighs would be fine, and it’s not really a problem for us, I just need to pull them up every now and then, especially when he’s cruising around. We find this for other products that are worn on his legs, so it’s not a reflection of these leg warmers in particular.

So far it’s only my (long-legged) 11 month old who has been wearing these, but because they’re stretchy, they will fit for quite a while longer, which is great for children at this age who seem to grow out of clothes at a rate of knots, especially my boys and trousers. So I’d say these represent good value for money. I’ve also heard of adults using leg warmers like these for wrist warmers in winter, so it’s an item of clothing for all the family.

We’ve had quite a few comments about how good the leg warmers look on him, and also how well they show off whichever nappy he’s wearing. I don’t see many babies at groups wearing them, especially not boys, so I’ve been able to say where I got them from and how there is a big range of various designs to choose from. Overall I would recommend these as an excellent addition to a cloth nappy stash, allowing you to show off a fluffy bum whilst keeping those legs cosy in a lovely soft material.

Disclaimer: I was given a discount on these products but all views expressed are honest and entirely my own.


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