Silk butterfly painting for kids

This morning we had a bit of free time while Joel was napping (having been up since 5am) before we went to our usual group. With all the nice weather, we’ve done less craft and baking recently because Andrew just loves being outside on his bike. So for a change I asked him if he wanted to do some painting, and he replied with a resounding ‘yes, oh thank you’!

The best paints for kids that we currently have are a set of children-friendly fabric paints, because our finger paints went a bit weird, not sure why, and I haven’t got round to buying any more like that. I have some scraps of fabric that I’ve used for various projects in the past, so I dug into it and found a small length of silk from when I did some silk painting with proper silk paints ages ago (when I was a student!)

I decided that it would be fun to do some ‘butterfly’ painting – you paint some blobs of colour on one side of a piece of paper/fabric and then fold it over on itself and squidge the paint across and along, and when you open it up again it looks a bit like a butterfly with a similar pattern on each side (or wing).

PicMonkey Collage  1

Andrew enjoyed the blobbing (along with an enthusiastic “BLOB” for each touch of the fabric with the brush), and I held my hand on one side of the fabric so that he could only paint on one side. Heย also enjoyed the squidging (only the finest technical terms are found here for art work ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I then painted a couple of antennae on to each butterfly for him, and once they were dry, I trimmed them to have more of a wing shape.

PicMonkey Collage  2

This was a quick craft idea that filled a nice amount of time and kept his attention, and afterwards he carried on colouring on the paper that we had put down to protect the table from paint. We now have some pretty butterflies, which we will stick on to cards for sending as notecards.

2 thoughts on “Silk butterfly painting for kids”

  1. They are beautiful! I remember making butterfly paintings like this when I was little, but it’s not something that I’ve done with my children so thank you for the reminder and the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you. Yes I remember doing this as a kid, and thought that Andrew was just at the right age to enjoy it now. Hope you have fun if you do it with your kids ๐Ÿ™‚

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