Nappyness reviews… itti bitti d’lish (snap in one)


Description of nappy: 

This is an all-in-two (AI2) nappy with absorbent inserts that snap in to the outer waterproof shell (which can be used multiple times with several sets of inserts). The outer is made of soft minky lined with PUL (no wrap is needed) and fastens at the waist using poppers. There are two inserts – a trifold bamboo one and an hourglass bamboo one topped with suede cloth that goes next to the skin. You can also snap in an extra mini booster (either microfibre or bamboo). It is a sized nappy (small, medium, large).

Day or night use: 

Daytime for average to heavy wetters

Description of wearer(s):

Baby – tall and slim with slim thighs

Toddler – tall and generally slim with muscly thighs

Cost and value for money:

New: £13-14 for nappy (though offers may be on for around £10), £4.50-6 for extra set of inserts

Pre-loved: these have a high resale value, so in good condition you can pay not much less than new, or looking at it from a selling perspective, you can get back a lot of what you paid for them new.

As you need to buy different sizes, they are not the best value for money, but as you can sell them on for a decent price in good condition, this may not be an issue. If like us you get a good fit, they are well worth it.



Very good. For a one-part design (not separate nappy plus wrap) these are very absorbent. The bamboo is very thirsty and there are several layers of it without being bulky. They are not as absorbent as our fitted nappies with boostage, but that is to be expected, and these are very trim for the absorbency, great for daytime use.


Good. If you get a good fit, the containment is good for a one-part design. We found that newborn breastfed poo was contained most of the time, though we did have the odd leak if it was so big that the trim fit of the nappy meant there was nowhere for it to go but leak out! We’ve had no problems with containment once the boys are on solids. However, see below for my notes on fit….


Trim with low rise. Overall I love the fit of these on my boys. However, I have heard that these do not fit every baby/toddler well and are a bit of a ‘marmite’ nappy when it comes to getting a good fit – you either love them or hate them. I think it’s also true that a child can go through phases of them fitting better and worse as they grow outwards and upwards at different stages. At the moment the mediums fit my 9 month old perfectly, and the large are fitting my toddler again after we’d decided a couple of months ago that they didn’t fit him anymore, probably because he has slimmed a bit as he’s grown and he’s not wetting as heavily now that he’s in pants a lot of the time. The low rise makes them very ‘pant’ like, but can become an issue for taller wearers. There is no bulk and they easily fit under clothes that other cloth nappies we have struggle with.


Drying speed:

Outer – fast; inserts – slow. The outer feels almost dry when it comes out of the machine and doesn’t take long at all to dry on our airer (a couple of hours max). The inserts are quite slow (over 24 hours inside), which is understandable given that they are absorbent bamboo; it helps that there are two inserts that dry separately and the trifold can be opened up too. But as the outer dries quickly, it doesn’t matter so much that the inserts take longer because you can buy more inserts than outers to make the most economical use of the nappies.

Change Speed:

Fast, if you snap in the inserts straight after drying so the nappy is ready to go on in one piece – there is only one set of poppers to do up as no separate wrap is required. I use these a lot at the moment as my 9 month old just won’t stay still long enough for a two-part nappy change to be unstressful!

Ease of Use:

Simple. The snaps are colour coordinated so you know exactly where to snap in the inserts, and I think this makes them less daunting for a not-so-practised cloth nappy user than other snap-in (all-in-two) designs or two-part designs. Once the nappy is assembled, it’s very simple to whip it on an off a bottom, not much different from a disposable.


Poppers only. These are longer lasting than aplix (velcro) but may not provide as perfect a fit as if they were available in aplix too.


The fluffy minky outer is lovely and soft, and comes in a range of colours and prints, which I love. These really have the cute factor going for them, if you’re into flashing your child’s fluff! The trim design makes them look more similar to pants than other nappies. Another design feature that I like is the inserts have a soft suede cloth lining that goes next to baby’s skin instead of a fleece liner.


If you get a good fit, these are a gorgeous nappy, I think they are worth the extra money you pay if you have the cash for the initial outlay and can wait to get a fair amount of it back when you’ve finished with them. They are not everyone’s favourite, so be aware that you may not get on with them as much as we do.

We currently have a small red itti bitti d’lish in the library available to borrow. If your baby/toddler is older and you would love to borrow one, if you ask me nicely I might just let you borrow one of our medium/large ones 😉

Disclaimer: I have received no incentive for writing this, and all views expressed are entirely my own and honest, based on our experience of using the nappies.


2 thoughts on “Nappyness reviews… itti bitti d’lish (snap in one)”

  1. We get on well with these too. I think they look gorgeous as H’s only item of clothing on a hot day and he seems cool in them- probably because of the low rise and slim fit. We are using the all-in-ones at the moment and they are also great, if not quite as absorbent.

    1. Yes in this weather they are gorgeous! The slim fit must be good in the warmth, and cloth nappies in general are cooler than disposables. I must try an AIO some time.

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