Look Mummy, I made a number 2! – wot so funee?

Where did that last week go?! I’m totally out of sync with days; we had a short week last week and this week, as we got back from holiday mid-week and then the bank holiday this week. So I’m writing this round-up of the week’s toddler-isms quickly on Tuesday morning.

Andrew is very keen to point out these days that he is a ‘big boy’, in contrast to Joel who is a baby or little boy. When we arrived at one of our local Children’s Centres on Friday morning for a group, he wanted to make this matter clear too: ‘We’re at the Children’s Centre, also the Big Boys’ centre’

As I type the two ‘the’s there, that reminds me that he’s doing an interesting thing when he says this word now. As you’ve probably realised from your own speech, there are two ways of pronouncing ‘the’ in running speech – one with a kind of ‘uh’ vowel, which almost blends into other words and you hardly hear it, and one that sounds like the old-fashioned word ‘thee’. He hasn’t been using the word ‘the’ much until recently, which is normal for language acquisition, those small words tend to come after they start saying the nouns that they go with. Now he is using it, he mostly uses the ‘thee’ pronunciation, which sounds really weird to me, because it makes the ‘the’s stand out much more than in my speech where there seems to be a more even mix of both pronunciations. I presume he has heard this from us, as this pronunciation is more prominent than the ‘uh’ one, and he has stuck to one for now; I’m sure the other will come in time, it’s just very interesting linguistically at the moment.

Another interesting thing that we’ve noticed recently is his use of ‘yesterday’ to mean any day or time in the past, and ‘tomorrow’ to mean any day or time in the future. This is generally understandable, though can cause some confusion if I’m not quite on the ball.

I haven’t written much about our adventures in languages other than English recently, because what he comes out with himself is mostly English. When asked questions in French or German, he clearly understands (most of the time) because he replies in English with a correct or plausible answer. He does randomly start counting in French or German at times, and he sings along to the CDs we have in these languages. I doubt he has a clue what he’s singing about half the time, just like many old English nursery rhymes make no sense to a toddler! But one thing that I know he knows is ‘häschen hüpf’ (‘hop little rabbit’) which he likes to say when he jumps. It was funny when he randomly asked me ‘was ist das?’ the other day though, rather than his usual ‘wassat?’ – his most favourite question in the whole world at the moment.

We had a comedy moment at dinner time one day this week….

  • Andrew: jabbering on in ‘googoo gaga’ language, trying to imitate Joel’s babbling
  • Me (quietly to myself, not expecting him to hear): what are you on?!
  • Andrew: erm, a seat!
  • Daddy: haha, that’s brilliant Andrew! Turns to me… See, it shows he understanded
  • Me: haha, now you’ve forgotten how to speak English!

And finally, I can’t forget Andrew’s first ‘written’ funee (which is where the ‘wot so funee’ linky started)….

‘Look Mummy, I made a number 2!’ (Of course I’m biased, but I think this use of some garden gravel is brilliant for a 2.5 year old!)

Number 2

Wot So Funee?

8 thoughts on “Look Mummy, I made a number 2! – wot so funee?”

    1. Hehe, yes I hadn’t thought of that, I don’t think he knows that meaning of ‘number 2’, at least we haven’t used it with him, he just says poo 🙂

  1. Gosh, I woud have been totally relieved to see that 2 made of stones… I dread to think what I’d find if my 4 year old shouted that to me!!! lol

    1. I know, I few people have said that now, I really didn’t think of it, he doesn’t know it I don’t think!

  2. Loved the No 2 bit – did it hit you with a feeling of dread when he called this out? We find ourselves adopting Lucas’s words as well which can be very interesting when you’re at work!!! Popping over from #wotsofunee

    1. Hehe, yes I bet! It’ so easy to slip into our own language at home, and people don’t always understand another toddler’s speech, even if they have a toddler the same age, they are all different. I didn’t think anything of the number 2, because I don’t think he knows this term, he just says poo! Why would he try to be euphemistic about toileting when he can embarrass us with the real thing?! 😛

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