Freddies, roared beans and niblets – wot so funee?

Another week has flown by and Andrew has been on top form for toddlerisms. Apart from the fact that he keeps going on about how we “flyed” on a plane last week, his top topic for funees has been food items.

He used to eat those malted wheat square things for breakfast quite often but hasn’t for a while. When he saw that we had a new box of them in the cupboard, he asked for some “Freddies”. When asked if he meant “Shreddies”, he said, “Yes, Freddies”, even though he used to be able to say Shreddies perfectly well!

One of the items that we had in the veg box this week was broad beans, with which I made a risotto one night. He always asks what the veg is in meals where it’s all mixed in together like a risotto. He’s pretty good at eating veg but always picks it up, sniffs it and regards it with a suspicious eye before eating anything that he’s unsure of – makes sense from an animal instincts survival perspective I guess. So he did this with the beans and asked what they were so I replied. His reply: “Ah roared beans.” A little bit of lion in every one 😉

His new favourite phrase is “Would you like… [insert various items]?” I’ve noticed that he’s started asking this to me when what he really means is “Mummy I would like” – quite clever I think to be using this reverse psychology on me already. A popular item is “dicksit” (biscuit), so I am often asked: “Would you like a dicksit?” 

One thing he was very keen to offer round the baby/toddler group we went to yesterday was a load of circular magnets that are part of a game there. He took the magnets to several children and adults saying “Would you like?” At one point I said “Andrew, they’re magnets”, and the next time he offered them to someone he did it with “Would you like a NIBLET?” ?! Magnet, niblet, pretty similar really?!

And when we offer him something with the phrase “would you like…?”, his reply is often “Would”, I presume an abbreviation of “I would”, which I find interesting linguistically.

His politeness doesn’t stop at offering things around these days. Another favourite phrase that he’s used a lot this week is “It’s quite nice, thank you Mummy!” whenever he eats something that I’ve cooked. He’ll go far in this house! I don’t think he really knows the significance of what he’s saying, I suspect it’s just a blatant copy of what Daddy says, but he gets a pleased reaction from me so he does it again.

Finally a little snippet from when the boys (yes that’s right, both of them!) were out with Daddy for the first time the other day. It was a sunny day, but when they entered a shady alley way between some houses on their way to a group, Andrew piped up with “It’s not sunning any more!” He was right!


Wot So Funee?

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