Nappyness reviews… Little Lamb bamboo

Sizes 1 and 2 in the library, size 3 coming soon (about a week from 22/7/13)
LL plus soaker
Fleece soaker is pulled down deliberately to show the nappy underneath – this is a size 3 on my toddler

Description of nappy:

This is a fitted nappy made from bamboo terry. It comes with a bamboo booster (sewn in for sizes 2 and 3, separate for size 1) and a fluffy fleece liner. It requires a separate waterproof wrap – Little Lamb make these too, or you could use another make, or a wool or fleece soaker at night.

Day or night use:

Day as it is, or night with extra boosters (I use 2-3 extra boosters on my toddler)

Description of my testers:

Baby – tall and slim with slim thighs

Toddler – tall and generally slim with muscly thighs

Cost and value for money:

Around £9 for a single nappy. But also available as large kits (10 or 20) which work out at less per nappy, and often on offer in multiples (e.g. 5 for £25) at various retailer websites. I think that these are good value for money at their normal price, and excellent value for money if you get a good offer. They are long lasting and you can often get some money back by selling them pre-loved in good condition.


Excellent! Bamboo is thirsty and there are several layers of it in the nappy and booster. These make good nappies for heavy wetters in the daytime, and good night nappies for average wetters or heavy wetters if boosted with extra bamboo or hemp boosters.


Excellent! As they are a fitted nappy which requires a wrap or soaker cover, there are two barriers for containing poo, so it is unlikely that it will escape. The elastic around the leg holes is very stretchy, which means that it fits both slim thighs and chubbier thighs, and I have also easily mended one of these nappies in which the elastic had deteriorated with lots of use but the main fabric of the nappy was fine. We haven’t had a leak with either child wearing these nappies.


Bulky and fairly low rise. These are not trim as far as nappies go, but considering their absorbency, I think their bulk is not bad for a fitted nappy. When boosted for overnight use they are pretty huge, but I don’t mind big nappies at night if they hold my toddlers’ heavy wetting. They are also quite short with a low rise, so I have found that a size 3 is essential on my tall toddler, even though many children would probably get away with just sizes 1 and 2 before potty training (unless you’re using them at night as it may take longer for them to be dry at night).

Drying speed:

Slow. On a nice sunny and breezy day these are dry in a day outside, but inside on an airer they can take unto 2 days to dry. They are usually the last to dry out of all the nappies in our personal stash. It is possible to tumble dry them, but this can negate the environmental benefit of using cloth nappies over disposables and shortens the life of the nappy if done regularly.

Change Speed:

Average. As it’s a fitted nappy that needs a separate wrap, change time is always going to be longer than a one-part nappy, but for a fitted, I think these are pretty fast because they have aplix fastening.

Ease of Use:

Average. As it’s a two-parter so needs a wrap, you may need to explain that to anyone else doing the nappy change and it’s not necessarily as easy as a one-parter, but for a two-parter I think these are easy to use.


Aplix (Velcro/ hook and loop) only – more finely adjustable but less durable than poppers


As it goes under a wrap, it’s not surprising that there is no colour or print on the nappy itself. I love how soft the fabric is next to the skin – the bamboo is silky smooth (though I noticed the difference between ours washed in Cambridge hard water and a few that were donated to the library by a friend living in a soft water area), and the fluffy fleece liner that comes with it is gorgeously soft compared to other fleece liners we have.


I would recommend this as a durable, good value for money nappy that is perfect for heavy wetters in the daytime and any wetters at night (boosted for heavy wetters). It is also good for containment on newborns with a good wrap. It is an essential in my stash, along with other quicker drying nappies.

Disclaimer: I have received no incentive for writing this, and all views expressed are entirely my own and honest, based on our experience of using the nappies.

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