Nappy nippa – wot so funee?

I had a break from writing a funee post last week, as I was busy writing posts for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt. I’m sure Andrew has said lots of funny things since last time I wrote a funee post, but I haven’t written many of them down and my brain is full of lots of things so I can’t remember the others.

One thing that sticks in my mind is the thing that is used to hold terry nappies together these days instead of a safety pin – if you’re not in the nappy stage any more, or if you’re not into cloth nappies like I am, then you may be wondering what I mean, so here’s a picture (the blue thing).

nappy nippa

I’ve been sorting through various donations to the nappy library that I’ve just started up, and both boys are generally quite fascinated by what’s going to be in the bag of nappies that we’ve collected or been given today! In the bottom of one bag were a few of these modern safety pin replacements; Andrew got his hands on one and asked what it was, so I told him. He repeated the word back to me there and then: ‘nappy nippa!’ That was worth a chuckle from him and me, but then he decided he was going to repeat this word at random intervals throughout the coming days. Of course he repeated it lots when we went round to a friend’s house to show her some nappies that she was interested in borrowing, but he also comes out with it all over the place, where there is no apparent link to a cloth bottom covering. ‘Nappy nippa, nappy nippa….” Yes Andrew, we’ve got it, it’s a nappy nippa! It is a cool word though I think.

Another random speech act of Andrew this week was the “lick sick binned” that he came out with just before bed the other evening. As I was struggling to figure out what on earth he was on about, Daddy reliably informed me that he was on about an “elastic band”. Apparently they had just finished tidying up a new game that we’d been bought that had one of these holding it together, so Andrew asked what it was as Daddy removed it from his grasp (gently, to avoid pinging, though Andrew would find that fun). For some reason his vowels all got turned into ‘i’, and the first one (which is unstressed so not very prominent) got missed off, but other than that his consonants were in there, if a little scrambled.

Oh and to finish, I just thought I’d mention that he seems to randomly come out with stuff that he ‘want to do/have’, usually at the table when eating. For example, the other day he randomly announced that he “want to go hot air balloon”, and we couldn’t think why this was on his mind, like he hadn’t just been watching a DVD with a hot air balloon on. Another one was “want to cut pineapple”, even though we haven’t eaten (or cut?!) pineapple for a while and don’t very often. But who knows, we’re definitely not experts on how a toddler mind works! If we respond with something like “I’m not sure we can really do that now Andrew”, his response is usually “maybe nother day” – something he’s picked up on from our speech, very wisely.

Wot So Funee?


12 thoughts on “Nappy nippa – wot so funee?”

    1. I think it’s a good word, sounds great when you say it out loud in a high pitched toddler voice!

  1. hahaha! I now love the phrase ‘nappy nipper’….We’re past the nappy stage….Have been for a long time so never actually thought what has replaced the safety pins to keep nappies on….lol

    1. I know, elf and safety and all that these days, can’t have pins near kids. Wonder how any of us ever survived really 😉

    1. I know, it would be so fun. I have no idea why he randomly came out with it though 🙂 x

    1. I know, it’s a good word, and I was struggling with lick sick binned too, until Daddy came to my rescue!

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