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As a child, I remember looking through the baby book that my parents had put together – a collection of photos and words from my early years, a kind of journal to remember things that we’d otherwise forget. I really enjoyed flicking through it, I was so interested in looking at what I was like as a baby.

When I was pregnant with Andrew, I knew that I wanted to do something similar, so that he could look back like I did. That was before I was blogging too, so the book would be the place where I would record facts and happenings from his first few years. We were kindly given a baby journal which had spaces to write specific things and stick pictures in. I was pretty good at remembering to fill it in when there was something interesting happening in his development, though I sometimes just noted it down and then later filled in a whole load of things in one go.

IMG 1799
Joel’s on the left, Andrew’s on the right

A little while ago, Andrew went through a phase of constantly picking his baby book off the shelf and looking through it at the photos. It took us a while to convince him that the baby in the pictures was him and not Joel – an interesting concept for a 2 year old looking at photos of his younger self.  Now he only does it occasionally, but I’m already glad that I started this book for him.

Then I had a second child, and we were given not one but two baby books. We gave the gender-neutral one to my niece who is 4 weeks older than Joel, and kept the blue one for him. The second time around has been different: on the one hand I’ve had less time to write in it and have only sat down a few times in 9 months to fill it in with words and photos, but on the other hand I’ve blogged about Joel’s early months which I didn’t with Andrew.

I like this family tree in pictures idea - I just need to cut out Grandma and Pop from a picture to complete their side of it.
I like this family tree in pictures idea – I just need to cut out Grandma and Pop from a picture to complete their side of it.

This week I’ve had a concerted effort to fill it in up to date. I got some photos printed and made time to write in it, which actually didn’t take too long in the end.

Have you done a baby book like this for your little one(s) if you have any?

IMG 1800
The page with hospital bands and the first ever picture of each of my boys 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Baby books”

  1. I made a book for B on Photobox. I started it when I found out I was pregnant and it went up to her first birthday. It has plent of photos in, but also my memories from pregnancy, some Bible verses, and the prayers from her Christening. I took a photo of her every week after she was born so there’s a timeline of how she changed. What I love most about it is that she can sit and look through it as much as she likes, because if it gets damaged I can order another copy a few years down the line. I’ve already started a book for number 2 and I’m doing a year book for B this year as well, full of photos from each month, photos of her artwork and I will write down some memories and milestones too.

    1. Wow that’s lovely, a lot of effort gone into your books. I haven’t found the time with Joel as much as I did with Andrew, but I’m sure that’s because I’m blogging and writing and doing the nappy library, none of which I was doing when Andrew was little.

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