Are we nearly there yet? – wot so funee?

This week there has been no shortage of funees, toddlerisms in their finest regalia! A bit of a mixed bag of contexts, so I’ll go through them one by one without any particular links…

First up was a moment of confusion when we were out shopping for Andrew’s new red shoes (the fact that they are red has no significance to the funee but Andrew was insistent that we buy red ones and still goes on about it, maybe because they are the same colour as fire alarms?!) We were walking through the shopping centre, heading to Clarks, when suddenly he started shouting “calculator”.  He got louder and more insistent that I look at the calculator over there. I was trying desperately to spot anything that could remotely look like a calculator – maybe a phone or picture of a tech device that could be mistaken for a calculator by a toddler. Suddenly the penny dropped: “Ah, yes Andrew, it’s an escalator!”

Then there was the day when we walked down our road as usual and the house at the end was at last starting to be done up after being for sale empty and then sold for ages. There are builders working on it and they had demolished the garage attached to the house. When Andrew saw this his response was: “Oh no, house broken. What gunna do?” I tried to explain that they meant to do that, and that they are probably going to build an extension (I didn’t use that word) on the side of it as they do it up. He didn’t look too impressed and was still concerned for the house.

In the fruit and veg box this week we got some red currants. Both boys love these and have scoffed their way through the punnet in no time. One evening I remarked that they were great for Joel to practise his pincer movement as he sat there having a good go at picking them up individually in his finger and thumb, before deciding that grabbing a fistful was more productive. A few minutes later Andrew piped up with: “Joel doing pizza movement” 🙂

On a few occasions now, he’s given an interesting response when I give him 2 options – “do you want to do/have this or not?” For example, he’d asked to have an apricot the other day when he could see that Joel was eating one. I know that he doesn’t really like them, but I cut him one off the stone anyway, knowing that Joel or I would happily eat it. As I guessed, he refused to eat it and after a bit of playing with it I asked him “Look Andrew, do you want to eat this or not? His response: “Or not!” He’s said the same when asked if he wants to go on the potty “or not”. I don’t think he’s got the concept of ‘or’ yet!

And finally, a little video to share. One of Andrew’s favourite games is to play ‘driving’ in the car when we’ve been playing outside for a while in the afternoon. So he usually has his helmet on still after riding around on his bike. On this particular occasion, once he’d finished sitting in the driver’s seat, he jumped over onto the back seat where Joel’s car seat goes when it’s in the car, and started to play with the talking Donkey (from Shrek) toy. This fluffy thing shouts, “Shrek, are we nearly there yet?”, like Donkey does in Shrek 1, when you squeeze his tummy. Andrew loves playing with this, but for the first time the other day he decided to copy it. You can hear for yourself what it came out like…… (I think it must be the accent that makes him copy it like that!)


Wot So Funee?


6 thoughts on “Are we nearly there yet? – wot so funee?”

  1. So cute how he’s picking up his language skills. Z called his bicycle a “bicosal” the other day from getting all mixed up. Took us ages to figure out what he was trying to tell us!

    1. Aw, that’s a very cute word though! It’s great when the penny does finally drop with us I find 🙂

    1. No, it’s kept out of the way most of the time, but it’s handy if he gets bored in a traffic jam or something 🙂

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