Competition time! Counting down to National Breastfeeding week

Back in April it was cloth nappies, and next week it’s breastfeeding – two things that I am so glad we do as a family and therefore would like to raise awareness of, particularly during the weeks when they are made prominent nationally. That’s why I’m taking part in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt next week, along with lots of other bloggers and companies who are interested in breastfeeding, for National Breastfeeding week.

Each day next week there will be lots of posts published on a particular theme of breastfeeding (e.g. what’s so good about breastfeeding?, breastfeeding beyond the first year). The idea is that as people read these posts, they find the hunt logo on the various websites and can then enter competitions, both small ones and the larger main competition to win a big goody bag of all sorts of breastfeeding-related and general baby stuff – I heard recently that the total value of all the prizes for the hunt is now over £1000!

Through all this reading, the aim of the hunt is to raise awareness of breastfeeding, to get accurate information out there based on real people’s experiences of breastfeeding, and to try and dispel some breastfeeding myths. I try not to take it for granted that I was in the right place at the right time to get fantastic support from knowledgeable people when I was struggling to breastfeed Andrew, and I know that had we lived somewhere different, I may well not have been here writing these posts.

Last year I took part in the hunt and had a lot of fun reading others’ posts about their experiences and entering the competitions. You can read the posts I wrote here…

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Small steps add up to a long breastfeeding journey

This year I will be writing again about what’s so good about breastfeeding, the importance of good support, and breastfeeding beyond the first year – I feel these are the closest things to my heart when it comes to breastfeeding. I’ll try not to repeat myself too much for those who have already read these posts. So if you’re interested, watch this space!

To get us in the mood for the upcoming fun, the lovely people at Breastvest have offered both a discount code for this week, the week before the hunt begins, and a prize for me to give away. There aren’t many products that I feel I really need as a breastfeeding mum, though of course it’s sometimes nice to be bought gifts that you wouldn’t otherwise buy yourself if you can make use of them. But one thing I did do for clothing in the early weeks of breastfeeding was wear a vest underneath a flowy top, as I found it worked well to pull the vest down and lift the top up, so not revealing much of me at all (more concern over the post-baby tummy than my chest region actually!) I happened to have some vests that I’d got quite a while before having kids that had extendable straps, but even these were sometimes a squeeze to pull the vest down and not lose its shape after a while. But the Breastvest is a clever design, made with extra long straps that make breastfeeding like I do (or at least did until the weather got warmer and my boys have fed less and less when we’re out) much easier.

A Breastvest in action

Here are a couple of ways that you could get your hands on a Breastvest… If you enter the competition below, you are in with a chance of winning one of these clever vests in your colour and size of choice. Or if you don’t fancy the wait until the end of the competition, why not head over to their website right now, choose a colour and size, and enter BSH25 at the checkout to get a 25% discount on your order. This discount is valid from 12.01am on Monday 17th June 2013 to midnight on Sunday 23rd June 2013. You can keep up to date with their future offers by following them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

You might also be interested to know that for the rest of June, Breastvest are selling limited issue grey breastvests in aid of the Lullaby Trust, which supports grieving parents whose babies have been lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and also provides safe sleeping information. All of the profits from the sale of grey breastvests during June will be donated to them.

See you again soon for more breastfeeding reading 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Competition time! Counting down to National Breastfeeding week”

  1. These look great, how have I managed in my 16 (not continually though) years of feeding to not use one. Perfect for covering the post natal tummy, which seems to be hanging around far too long this time!

    1. I know, they are great! I think they are fairly new, so they may not have been around when you were last breastfeeding a baby 🙂

  2. I love the idea of these no more fumbling pulling top up and sitting hinched trying to use baby as a mummy tummy shield !
    Pink is my fav colour x

  3. these are a great idea, looks like they make feeding so much easier than it is. I think pink is my fave colour

    1. Ha yes, I know what you mean! Saw them advertised in the LLL magazine but that’s it, nowhere else

  4. Oops i forgot to add… I love the black one 🙂 matches with anything and also slimming 😛 (bye bye tummy wobble)

    1. hehe, no worries! Red, that;s a new choice on here 🙂 I’m still blaming baby brain nearly 2.5 years after my first was born 😉

  5. Brill idea. I think I’d prefer black as it would go with anything. Not convinced that this would work with all tops though. Will be happy to be proved wring though. What about tops that gather below the bust?

    1. Black, popular choice. I guess tops that gather below the bust would be trickier – I’ve done it (with an ordinary vest) but then I don’t have a very big bust!

  6. Without wanting to sound like I’m copying everyone, I’d love a black one too!

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