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For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a post on Joel’s language acquisition. I have lots of things to say about Andrew’s at the moment, but in some ways Joel’s is even more fascinating right now. In the past couple of months he’s gone from making just baby sounds that I blogged about here, to producing sounds that are syllables with a consonant and vowel, and repeating these several times in a row – he’s reached the babbling stage. I find this so fascinating because it is the real beginnings of a recognisable language; of course he’s a long way off speaking English (or French or German – still trying to speak bits of these to the boys), but the sounds he’s currently making at least sound like a real language rather than just gurgling or crying.

Although he’s been babbling for a while, I haven’t got round to writing about it because I’ve been trying to catch it on camera but I’ve hit the Observer’s Paradox so many times! Point my phone at him and any babbling that was going on immediately ceases in favour of looking at the pretty colours (with cover) or shiny surface (without cover). With a fair amount of patience and loads of videos that turned out to be silent or just me in the background trying to encourage him to talk (which never works), here’s what I eventually managed to capture.

After lots of laughing at the start (as if he was saying ‘ha ha Mummy, I’m not going to talk for the camera!), we do get some talking eventually near the end of this video.

He’s absolutely desperate to crawl and now can go backwards, side to side and around in circles but not quite forwards; often his attempts are accompanied by frustrated vocalisations, as we see in this video.

He often does some lovely talking when he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5.30am, when I’m less keen on encouraging talking until I realise that it’s actually quite cute, as was the time that I took this video.


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