Pensive in the playground – Photo of the week

PotW 24th May 2013

Just flicking through my phone looking at photos from this week, I came across this little cutie/beauty that I didn’t even realise I’d taken because I was just snapping away as Andrew was on the playground and never got round to looking at them properly. It had to be my photo of the week (there are some good ones from last weekend but they will be in my #CountryKids post tomorrow).

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2 thoughts on “Pensive in the playground – Photo of the week”

  1. Oh what a cute photo! It is amazing the great photo’s you can get on a phone camera isn’t it?! I take loads of quick snaps of B on my phone too! Andrew looks to be having lots of fun!!!

    1. Yes I take so many more photos now that I have a smart phone with camera. There are often some real gems hidden in the multitude of shots 🙂 x

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