Nappyness meet-ups are launched!

On Thursday 30th May, a rather drizzly and damp morning for the time of year, my boys and I headed off in the car to Milton Country Park with a rather large bag of cloth nappies and leaflets in the boot. I was looking forward to meeting up with others who use or want to use cloth nappies, hoping that I could offer some tips, share some experience and also learn something myself. There was a little part of me that was slightly worried that nobody would turn up, but if not I knew we’d have fun there anyway, even if not with nappies!

IMG 1298
My bag of nappies ready to go this morning

We got there for 10am and I put the Nappyness sign out so people could spot us, though it wasn’t very busy. It wasn’t long before 2 mums and their babies and toddler turned up. Hooray, we weren’t alone! They were more new to using cloth nappies than we were, and we talked about what they had used so far and what they liked about them. Both had borrowed nappies from the Ely Cloth Nappy Library, which is further than Cambridge is for one of them, and we all agreed that we thought it was odd that Cambridge didn’t have anything like Nappyness or a cloth nappy library, given how many young families like us there are here. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in thinking this.

I showed them some of my nappies, though my bag was a bit of a jumble and I couldn’t find everything I wanted very easily – note to self to organise it better into smaller bags of different types. And there wasn’t loads of space on our table for putting them all out, which is something I need to bear in mind for next time. It would have helped if the weather had been nicer and we could have sat outside on the grass and the toddlers could have run around more, but never mind, we live in the UK and there’s nothing I can do about the weather! My next move is to get in touch with the local Children’s Centres to see if they could offer us a room.

IMG 1293
Andrew had already finished his treat before the others arrived! He quite rightly pointed to the Nappyness logo on the table and said ‘that’s a nappy!”

But I think the mums got an idea of the different types that I had and how they were similar to or different from the ones that they had tried from the library. A bit later another mum turned up with her three boys (it was half term so two of them didn’t have school) and brought some of her nappies to show around. This was helpful because she had some that were different from mine as well as some similar ones. But it wasn’t long before the toddlers and older kids were getting fed up of being inside and bored of the toys I’d taken, so we had to disband a little before 12 noon and head out into the wet park. There was a fundraising event for the Stroke Association going on, and one of their activities was a bouncy castle, so I let Andrew have a go to jump off some of his energy.

IMG 1296
Andrew’s chance to let off some steam after being couped up in a cafe – a wet bouncy castle!

All in all it was a great start to the meet-ups. I’m glad it wasn’t just us and that people seemed to enjoy it. I’m still working on building up the library to have at future meet-ups, and have very kindly been donated some more nappies recently so we are making good progress. I’ll keep you updated.

I’ve set the date for the next meet-up on Monday 10th June, 10.30am-12.30pm at Living Stones Cafe, St Andrew’s St, Cambridge. I thought I’d try a different day, location and time to see if that suits others better. I’m experimenting with these to see what works best for everyone.

Hope to see you soon!

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