If you’re nappy and you know it

I may have actually gone nappy mad! One of the competitions during Real/Cloth Nappy Week organised by The Great British Nappy Hunt was the Get Creative Video Competition. This was the brief:

“Your challenge is to help us spread the cloth love, with a little bit of fun. We want you to come up with a cloth-nappy promoting video that will help us spread the word of why cloth is so fab. BUT let’s not make them boring! We are looking for fun parodies, quirky dancing – whatever will make people want to share them!”

I wasn’t sure that we’d get chance to do this, as we were away for the week itself and the deadline for entries was on Tuesday (though annoyingly they extended it at the last minute!) But at the weekend we had a bit of time on Sunday afternoon when both boys were happy to take part at the same time. So we did a little recording and I then spent an hour on Monday morning, whilst feeding Joel in the early hours, editing it in iMovie. Here is the finished thing…

If anyone reading this is an Only Fools and Horses fan, it will mean something to you if I say that Tom currently feels a bit like Rodney and the cornflakes competition with all the attempts at winning some nappies that I’ve made recently!

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