A chat with Noddy – Photo of the Week

PotW 18th May 2013

Look who we met at the local supermarket! Whenever we go (and that’s not too often with Andrew as I mainly go on Tuesday or Saturday morning when Tom looks after him), Andrew insists on sitting with Noddy in his car. He’s not bothered about it actually moving, so I am spared the 50p that it costs. This week he started to have a chat with Noddy, asking him how he was and stroking his hair at the front. He even turned around and said ‘Hello Tessy bear!’ – can’t forget the passenger in the back seat now. Once he’d chatted to his passengers, Andrew grabbed the steering wheel, which he calls the ‘driver’ (logical I guess), and said ‘Let’s go to Big Ears’ house!’ I think he may have watched a few too many Noddy cartoons on youtube 🙂

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