Pregnancy diary: week 18 – a bug (not of the insect variety)

I’m sitting writing this whilst Andrew naps on a day that I would normally be at work. The reason he’s with me and not at the childminder’s is that he seems to have had a bug. He’s actually been fine in himself, running about as usual, playing and laughing with no more than the usual odd whinge here and there. He is eating a bit less than normal, although given that he has a huge appetite normally, it’s not like he’s eating next to nothing! But on Sunday evening he was sick once, and yesterday one of his nappies was very dodgy, so that’s the main reason I can’t send him to the childminder – she needs 24 hours clearance after the last vomiting/nappy incident. Plus Tom had a day of feeling sick and being exhausted on Monday, and I had had a few days over the weekend of feeling worse than I had been in terms of sickness and exhaustion (which I initially put down to the fact I was getting over a cold), so that suggests we’ve all had some kind of bug.

The bump and the toddler!

So as you can guess it’s been another hard week of feeling pretty rubbish and having to get on with everything anyway. The thing about being pregnant and getting ill is that whatever it is seems to feel 10 times worse than it would if I wasn’t pregnant. I guess we’re also more prone to getting bugs now that we have Andrew and he’s mixing with other kids and sharing germs, which wasn’t the case when I was pregnant with him (although I was working in schools then, so maybe it’s not that different!)

But looking on the bright side, it could have been a lot worse. We could have all been sick a lot more, we’ve only had to clear up sick and deal with an explosive nappy once, and looking after Andrew hasn’t been any different to normal, in fact he’s been napping well, so that’s given me good sleep and even more time in the day to rest myself and get things done when needed. And really we can’t complain in general about how healthy he is. In 16 months of life (10 months of solid-food eating) I’ve only had to deal with sick (other than milky baby spitting) on two one-off occasions. Not bad going!

When thinking about his health, I always end up thinking about breastfeeding. Of course I can’t prove that his almost lack of sickness is entirely down to the fact that he gets immunological help from my milk, but it is known that breastfeeding does help in this respect. This bug got me thinking about weaning again. He’s still not showing any signs of stopping feeding on his own, and of course he’s been feeding more than usual whilst being a bit poorly; it was the first thing he wanted once he’d finished being sick. It’s times like this that I’m really going to miss breastfeeding him when we don’t do it any more, and I do feel a bit bad that he won’t be getting any help from me in fighting bugs when we stop. But it helps me to think that I’ve helped give him a really good start in life in terms of his immune system. And of course it’s not like we’re stopping for no reason – there’s another little one who will also benefit from mummy’s marvelous milk 😉

I hope next week won’t involve any more illness, and that I’ll be starting to feel more ‘normal’ again – I’ve almost forgotten what that feels like! Hopefully for you, the post will be a more positive read too!

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary: week 18 – a bug (not of the insect variety)”

  1. Haven’t seen you for ages so this is my account of weaning martha from breastfeeding……or as it turned out martha weaning herself!

    Martha self weaned at 14months and i encouraged it as i felt at the time it was right for both of us. She gradually reduced the feeding time until it was so short i felt it was ok to not offer it and she wasn’t fussed so i just stopped.
    I have been pleasantly surprised that since then she has had hardly any colds or bugs (i expected for her to get more once i stopped feeding but it hasn’t been the case) and also i really thought she would miss the comfort as she always seemed to feed alot for comfort but now she always seems perfectly happy with just a cuddle.

    I was worried that once i stopped i would regret not carrying on but actually i am really please i did. It also means she turns to my husband for comfort more (she used to always come to me) and she seems more independent and better at settling herself when upset.

    Overall the whole experience was much less traumatic than i had thought it would be! Hope it goes well for you…..

    Hope you feel better soon ruth! xx

  2. Thanks Emily for your comment 🙂 I know it feels like ages since we’ve seen each other – must set a date to meet up some time! With only 2 full days off work I just find time fills up so fast. So pleased to hear a positive (self) weaning experience. Great that Martha hasn’t been very ill – that’s good to hear as I was fearing more bugs once Andrew stops. I’m trying to encourage Andrew to have non-milk cuddles, but as soon as he’s near me like that all he wants is comfort sucking, which he’s always done a lot and I don’t mind, until now when I’d like him to wean! Interesting that she goes to Daddy – I’m also trying to encourage that more, and I think it’s working to a certain extent, particularly in evenings when I’m lying on sofa or in bed and Tom is his only functioning carer!! See you soon xx

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