Fun times ahead at BritMums Live! 2012 – are you going too?

This is my ‘meet and greet’ for BritMums Live! 2012. Thanks to Carly at Stepford Wifey for hosting this 🙂

After a few days waiting to see whether Granny and Grandad (who were on holiday) could look after Andrew on the Friday of this conference, I’m pleased to say that I can go to what sounds like an amazing opportunity to meet my fellow mummy (and daddy) bloggers. I’ve been to quite a few academic conferences in my time as a researcher, and they were interesting, but I have a feeling this is going to be something very different. I can’t wait to meet others and pick up tips on how to improve my blogging as I’m a total newbie in this world of blogs. So here’s a bit about me….

Name: Ruth

Blog: http://blog,

Twitter ID: @ruthcumming

Height: 5 ft 6

Hair: Short-mid dark brown (though I have been bright red in the past, particularly memorable on our wedding day, but too expensive to keep that up now we have a little one).

Eyes: Blue (as does Tom, my husband, so any kids we have will all have blue eyes – I learnt that from genetics lessons at school, Mendel’s peas and all that…)

Likes/Loves: being mummy to Andrew, chocolate, swimming, Jesus, baking, cooking, cereals and milk, curry and other spicy food, tea, cross-stitch, sewing, anything crafty, breastfeeding, singing, walking, skiing (not that we can afford it these days, but when I was a teenager), speaking languages other than English, hearing different accents of English, sunrise and sunset, spectrograms and waveforms, the International Phonetic Alphabet, watching British sitcoms over and over again (Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder etc.), quoting lines from sitcoms, going to the theatre, musicals, freshly washed bedlinen.

Dislikes/Annoyances: traffic in Cambridge, pedestrians who step into the road without looking when I’m cycling, supermarkets, being too hot (or too cold, but this happens less since I’ve had a baby?), slow broadband (or narrowband if you live where we do), Chinese food, red meat, waiting for buses, my perfectionism.

Me and my boys - Andrew was 6 months old here, so it's a bit out of date for him, but I love these pictures that we had taken of us, and I haven't changed much

2 thoughts on “Fun times ahead at BritMums Live! 2012 – are you going too?”

  1. Hi, lovely to virtually meet you. I went to Britmums as a newbie last year and it was amazing, if a little daunting. Welcome to the world of blogging, and if you need any help just shout, most of us are lovely :))

    1. Thank you! Yes lovely to virtually meet you too 🙂 I get the impression most of us bloggers are nice, and I like it when I get nice comments to show that. Looking forward to June and hoping to learn more about this blogging thing.

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