Baby-proofing hat and mittens

Just a quick post to share a quick craft project that I did the other day when Andrew lost a woolly hat! He has some lovely knitted head- and other-body-wear from Tom’s family, but he also likes pulling them off, even when it’s cold. Unfortunately the hat he was wearing at the start of a walk into town was nowhere to be found at the end of the walk. On the same walk, he also lost a mitten, but we found that one near home on the way back. This incident prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – sew on some ribbon to his hat and mittens to keep them on. For the hat, this meant two shorter bits of ribbon, one on each side, to tie in a bow underneath his chin to keep it on. For the mittens, this meant a longer length of ribbon, each end sewn on to a mitten, so that it could go through the arms of his coat and stop the mittens getting lost even if they fall off his hands.

Matthius the bear modelling the hat and mits before baby-proofing began

The hat and mittens are modelled here by my glamourous assistant, Matthius the teddy bear, who, unlike Andrew, stays still enough for me to take a good photo! They were given to Andrew by my cousin, which incidentally makes her Andrew’s first cousin once removed – something I had to look up when figuring out family relations when Andrew was born. I love the little ears that make Andrew look so cute in the hat, and the little paw prints on the palms of the mittens 🙂

Ribbon ready for baby-proofing

I measured out the ribbons on Andrew, allowing quite a bit of extra length, partly because you need it for getting the mits on and off, but mainly for growing room.

Close up of the stitching on the hat

To make sure the ribbons were strong enough to withstand tugging from baby hands, I folded the ends of the ribbon over so that they were double thickness, and stitch round the three edges touching the inside of the hat/mittens with blanket stitch. I then added a square of back stitch about 2mm in from the edge of the blanket stitching.

Close up of the stitching on the mits

I think the square of back stitching looks clearer on the photo of the mittens than on the photo of the hat. This should mean that they are really secure and won’t be easily lost!

Matthius modelling the hat and mits after baby-proofing was finished

Matthius was kind enough to model again once I’d done the sewing. We tried out the adapted hat and mittens when we went to the park between Christmas and New Year. As you can see in the picture below, we didn’t lose them, especially the mittens, which dangled from his coat as he gripped the elephant see-saw thing and happily rocked to and fro. Smiles all round – Andrew stayed warm, and I was glad my baby-proofing worked!

Andrew wearing his hat, and mittens safely dangling!

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    1. Hehe, yes we had it done for us too 🙂 Did his Dad keep them on though? Because Andrew seems to still be able to pull them off, it’s like he’s saying ‘Mummy, I just don’t DO gloves, OK?! At least we don’t lose them now, that’s the main thing.

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