52 photos – week 41

The rain seems to have eased off in the later half of this week, so we went to the park on Wednesday morning and had a lot of fun, as usual. Both boys are quite keen on wearing their matching ‘animal’ hats that were knitted by their Great Aunt – Joel is a cat and Andrew is a bear. I
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week 40

52 photos – week 40

Not the best quality photo in the dim morning light, but Andrew insisted that I take a photo of them whilst they were sitting still together on the arm chair for about 10 seconds! Again, each of their faces is classic for each of them. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know what
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How I wear a toddler and a preschooler (yes you read that right, though not often at the same time)

As it’s International Babywearing Week, I thought I’d write some more about our experience of baby wearing – or these days I should say toddlerwearing and preschoolerwearing. I’ve written blog posts before on our babywearing experience – you can read them here and here if you’re interested. I’ll cover some of what I wrote there here too. Like many parents
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week 39

52 photos – weeks 38 & 39

I completely forgot to post a photo of each of the boys last week, so here are 2 for the past 2 weeks. The first was taken at one of our new favourite parks – the one outside Rowheath Pavilion in Bournville, and the second was taken in our back garden. Both photos are fairly rare in that they show
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To snook or not to snook – wot so funee?

I went through the notes in my phone the other day and found some funees that I haven’t written up. So these are from the past couple of months, but I can still remember them now that the notes jog my memory. When we were still living at Granny and Grandad’s house, Andrew saw a bit of a game of
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52 photos – week 37

Oops, I thought I’d posted these photos on Sunday but I must have not hit publish and the poor blog is a bit neglected recently. Anyway, better late than never. I took these on our day out with Thomas on Saturday. Both boys had great fun. Andrew couldn’t quite believe that he was really standing in front of Thomas, and
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52 photos – week 36

Joel looking happy in his new bike seat which I got as a bargain on Gumtree so that I can keep up with Andrew on his bike without having to jog (which isn’t good if I have Joel on my back). Andrew looking happy because he had all the toys to himself at the start of the Bournville Scarecrow festival
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Don’t mention ginger! It doesn’t help severe pregnancy sickness or #hyperemesis

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the big announcement in the news this week – little Prince George is going to be a big brother. Obviously that’s very happy news, but like when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their first pregnancy, this announcement has had to come earlier than the usual 12 week milestone when many people share their
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Doughnuts at nursery – wot so funee?

I realised recently that i haven’t written a wot so funee? post for a few weeks. Life got busy with the move and the business getting busier by the week. Althoughh blogging may be on the back burner, I still want to keep a record of our lives on it, and that includes the funny things that the boys say,
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52 photos – week 35

This picture was taken in the story chair at a park that we have recently discovered near us. The place is called Rowheath Pavilion, and as well as this lovely wooden adventure playground, there is a fantastic cafe which has a toy corner, and there are various groups for mums and babies/toddlers throughout the week – we went to the
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