‘Counting’ – wot so funee?

Most of my wot so funee? posts so far have been about Andrew’s toddlerisms. But Joel has just started to produce some hilarious funees in his speech. He doesn’t say a lot, but what he does say is great! Recently he’s become very keen to ‘count’ before doing something – for example the ‘1-2-3-wheeeee’ game that we play when two
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52 photos – week 32

One activity that we did this week was decorating some gingerbread men that Granny kindly bought us. Andrew was keen to decorate his, but Joel was more keen to just eat it! He allowed me to help him put some smarties on first though. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know what you
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52 photos – week 31

Not my photo, but it’s the best one of the 2 boys from this week. Now that we live in Birmingham, Grandad has every excuse to buy the boys Birmingham City FC goodies, including these kids kits. A little big, but they’ll soon grow into them. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know
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Fighting arrows – wot so funee?

A while ago in a wot so funee? post I shared how Andrew kept going on about “fighting arrows at Grandma and Pop’s house”. I had no idea what he was talking about, until one day we were in the 99p shop with Granny, who had said that each boy could have £1 to choose a toy to buy. Andrew’s
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52 photos – week 30

This was taken at the start of our day trip to London on Friday to see Alice in Wonderland at Holland Park. I didn’t manage to get many other photos of the day, because keeping track of two little ones and where we had to go in London was on our minds rather than snapping. But we had a really
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Nooooooo! – wot so funee?

I have loads of funees from Andrew noted down in my phone but I haven’t had chance to write them up into a post. But Joel has been hilarious this week with his new found way of saying no! He still doesn’t say many words, he’s far too interested in climbing, running, generally getting into mischief than talking about it.
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Abbey Fields park – #CountryKids

I started writing this post for last weekend’s Country Kids linky but it got forgotten about – I know I keep saying it, but with everything else going on, this poor blog is being neglected a little. But at least I’m still keeping some kind of record of what life is like during the move so we can look back
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52 photos – week 29

We’ve spent a lot of time at the local park this week because all the toddler groups have finished for the summer and it’s been such nice weather. Andrew loves trying to score baskets with his small bouncy ball (I don’t think you can even see it in this action shot as it’s so small!), and Joel loves climbing up
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52 photos – week 28

Here are a couple of photos taken at a new (to us) park yesterday. I hope to blog properly about it at the weekend, but for now these are a couple of the best ones I got of the boys. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know what you think about what you
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Where’s Fred? – wot so funee?

I’ve got quite a few wot so funee? moments stored up to tell, but just not had the time to sit down and write them with everything going on. Less than 3 weeks until we move now, and my business is still keeping me very busy. But here are one of the best ones that I managed to jot down
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