16 weeks

16 weeks – different opinions

This pregnancy has been a rollercoaster since the start, so by now I shouldn’t be surprised when I encounter a fall again after a high point. I expect this will continue. Last week when I went to the twins clinic, as a follow up from a week’s worth of almost daily blood pressure checks at the day assessment unit (DAU),
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15 weeks – blood pressure

This week has mainly been about blood pressure! When I last blogged, I was waiting to speak to a doctor about why they wanted to start me on a drug to lower my BP, when my readings at home were within the normal range. On Monday I went back to the day assessment unit (DAU) where I had last seen
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14 weeks – first appointment at twins antenatal clinic

I can’t promise that I will have enough time to blog every week of pregnancy like I did in my second pregnancy, but I wanted to keep a record for myself of how things progress and thought it might be useful for others to read about a twin pregnancy too. It’s clear just from this week that this pregnancy will
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A trimester of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)

They say be careful what you wish for. When I first wrote about being pregnant after my miscarriage in the summer I said I was hoping that I would be more sick. At the time (about 5 weeks) I still only had nausea as opposed to vomiting too, and my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage never had developed sickness to
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Not one heartbeat…. two heartbeats!

I was building up to writing a blog post all about the hyperemesis gravidarum (severe pregnancy sickness) that I’ve been suffering with, once I was feeling well enough. I will still do that, maybe next week when we are away for Christmas. But for now I thought I’d write a quick post which explains why I’ve been even more sick
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Some good news

The last blog post I wrote was for the start of baby loss awareness week on the 10th October. In the post I described how I imagined I’d feel if I found out I was pregnant again – I’d feel joy and fear in equal measure. Well, little did I know at the time of writing…. in fact just about
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Baby loss awareness week – #babylossawarenessweek2016 #BLAW2016

This particular awareness week is one which I really didn’t want to have to gain a personal connection with. As a parent, and a blogger, I naively thought I’d done my bit for raising awareness of complications that can arise in life with a young family when I wrote loads about our difficult breastfeeding journey – I thought that this
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Balancing past, present and future in my thoughts

It’s just over 3 weeks since we discovered, on my birthday, that the pregnancy which I thought I was 10 weeks into was in fact nearly over, and the baby had only survived up to about 8 weeks. This week has been my first week back to some semblance of “normal” – juggling having fun with the boys and being
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Children are a gift from God

As I start to write this post, it’s pretty much exactly a week since I was admitted to hospital due to very heavy bleeding following a miscarriage at 10 weeks into the pregnancy – a scan the previous day had shown that the baby stopped growing at around 8 weeks. In some ways, it’s been quite a “normal” week for
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The week when our world turned upside down

For anyone who would like to follow our story – the experience of a missed miscarriage, which I started to explain earlier this week – here is an update. I am even more convinced now than I was on my birthday that writing about our experience is fundamental both to my recovery and to spreading awareness as well as breaking
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