52 photos – week 36

Joel looking happy in his new bike seat which I got as a bargain on Gumtree so that I can keep up with Andrew on his bike without having to jog (which isn’t good if I have Joel on my back). Andrew looking happy because he had all the toys to himself at the start of the Bournville Scarecrow festival
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Don’t mention ginger! It doesn’t help severe pregnancy sickness or #hyperemesis

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the big announcement in the news this week – little Prince George is going to be a big brother. Obviously that’s very happy news, but like when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their first pregnancy, this announcement has had to come earlier than the usual 12 week milestone when many people share their
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Doughnuts at nursery – wot so funee?

I realised recently that i haven’t written a wot so funee? post for a few weeks. Life got busy with the move and the business getting busier by the week. Althoughh blogging may be on the back burner, I still want to keep a record of our lives on it, and that includes the funny things that the boys say,
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52 photos – week 35

This picture was taken in the story chair at a park that we have recently discovered near us. The place is called Rowheath Pavilion, and as well as this lovely wooden adventure playground, there is a fantastic cafe which has a toy corner, and there are various groups for mums and babies/toddlers throughout the week – we went to the
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Wembury rock pools – #CountryKids

Last week I wrote about our trip to Mothecombe beach in Devon when we were on holiday. That’s a mostly sandy beach on an estuary with lovely shallow water until quite a way out from the shore. Another day of our holiday we went just 5 minutes drive down the road from the edge of Plymouth to Wembury beach. Since
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Our choice of nursery (preschool age)

I can’t believe that Andrew has just had his first week at preschool. It does’t seem long ago that he was a baby and we were treading through this thing called parenthood, not totally sure what we were doing, but doing our best to get off to a good start. Now he’s a chatty, confident and active boy, who loves
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Mothecombe beach – #CountryKids

The weather forecast for the week that we were on holiday in Devon wasn’t as amazing as it had been earlier in the summer, so we decided to go to the beach on our second day there, the best looking day of the forecast, just in case we didn’t get another chance. Grandma and Pop had recently invested in a
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52 photos – week 34

We went to a kids activity morning at the church across the road earlier this week. We had so much fun! They had hired a community circus run by a guy called Kevin (www.kevinscircus.com). He brought with him all his circus gear and the kids could play with it. There were ride on silly bikes, stilts, funny hats and shoes,
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Pennywell 4

Pennywell farm – #CountryKids

When the boys’ Grandma asked people with small children where are some good places to go with little ones in the area local to them, most people said Pennywell Farm near Buckfastleigh in Devon. It’s been going for 25 years, but they hadn’t been as a family when Daddy and his brother and sister were little, so we decided that
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52 photos – week 33

I know this isn’t a great photo in terms of picture quality, but I love the expressions on their faces – Andrew doing his ‘fake’ smile because I had just asked him to carry on laughing like he had been until I’d managed to whip my camera out, and Joel doing a classic  grin that he does so well. I
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