52 photos – week 28

Here are a couple of photos taken at a new (to us) park yesterday. I hope to blog properly about it at the weekend, but for now these are a couple of the best ones I got of the boys. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know what you think about what you
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Where’s Fred? – wot so funee?

I’ve got quite a few wot so funee? moments stored up to tell, but just not had the time to sit down and write them with everything going on. Less than 3 weeks until we move now, and my business is still keeping me very busy. But here are one of the best ones that I managed to jot down
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Water park fun – #CountryKids

Last Sunday morning we went to our local park – the War Memorial Park in Coventry. Andrew had been a bit sick earlier in the morning, but he wasted to go out and get some fresh air, so we thought a trip to the park would cheer him up rather than our usual Sunday morning activity of going to church,
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52 photos – week 27

I love this photo of the two boys climbing the stairs to the big slide at the playground in Ryton Pools Country Park. I should blog about that one day – it’s a great park for them. I love to get comments and always reply, so why not let me know what you think about what you have read here.
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Whitley Common Playground – #CountryKids

After a couple of weeks’ break from the #CountryKids linky that I usually join in with, I thought I’d share this quick post. Weekends have been very busy going over to our new house and sorting stuff like cleaning, shifting junk that the previous owner just left there, and preparing it for the decorator, so I haven’t had much time
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52 photos – week 26

It’s been another week of plenty of garden play. We seem to have some new plants growing in one of Granny and Grandad’s plant pots… Andrew likes to hop in there and crouch down, then gradually stand up and lift his hands up, pretending that he’s a growing plant. And like so many things in life, Joel likes to copy
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Book bed – wot so funee?

I’m sure there must have been more funees this week, but with everything going on with the new house and my business seems to be booming, I’m surprised I’ve had enough time to jot down any of them at all! For some reason, Andrew has been going on about playing with “fighting arrows” at Grandma and Pop’s house. I have
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52 photos – week 25

For this week’s photos we have the Naked Chef and a crazy climber. Andrew doesn’t like wearing clothes (as I’ve blogged about before), so he does many activities in life (of course only at home) naked. This picture was take as he was baking ‘World Cupcakes’ with Granny. Joel is happier to wear clothes than Andrew is, but is a
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Rocket shower – wot so funee?

Even though Andrew is old enough to go to preschool (he qualified for the 15 hours funding at Easter, the term after his 3rd birthday in January), he won’t start at one until September because we are still in the middle of moving and won’t be in our permanent home until the summer. I must write a post on our
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My boys and I on our tandem nursing adventure

Breastfeeding toddlers & beyond: not as weird as you might think – #KBBF2014

The theme for today in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt is “Breastfeeding Beyond a Year”. I still remember the feeling when Andrew, my eldest son, got to his first birthday and was still breastfeeding. At the time I wrote a blog post on it called the not-so-crazy world of toddler breastfeeding. After all the struggles we’d had in the
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