Some good news

The last blog post I wrote was for the start of baby loss awareness week on the 10th October. In the post I described how I imagined I’d feel if I found out I was pregnant again – I’d feel joy and fear in equal measure. Well, little did I know at the time of writing…. in fact just about
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Baby loss awareness week – #babylossawarenessweek2016 #BLAW2016

This particular awareness week is one which I really didn’t want to have to gain a personal connection with. As a parent, and a blogger, I naively thought I’d done my bit for raising awareness of complications that can arise in life with a young family when I wrote loads about our difficult breastfeeding journey – I thought that this
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Balancing past, present and future in my thoughts

It’s just over 3 weeks since we discovered, on my birthday, that the pregnancy which I thought I was 10 weeks into was in fact nearly over, and the baby had only survived up to about 8 weeks. This week has been my first week back to some semblance of “normal” – juggling having fun with the boys and being
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Children are a gift from God

As I start to write this post, it’s pretty much exactly a week since I was admitted to hospital due to very heavy bleeding following a miscarriage at 10 weeks into the pregnancy – a scan the previous day had shown that the baby stopped growing at around 8 weeks. In some ways, it’s been quite a “normal” week for
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The week when our world turned upside down

For anyone who would like to follow our story – the experience of a missed miscarriage, which I started to explain earlier this week – here is an update. I am even more convinced now than I was on my birthday that writing about our experience is fundamental both to my recovery and to spreading awareness as well as breaking
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The one I’d hoped I’d never have to write

As a mum blogger, this is a post that I’d hoped I’d never have to write. But to some extent, I feel kind of privileged to be in this position and also have a passion for writing, which means I can help break the taboo on this subject – miscarriage. As I write, it is my 33rd birthday. The story
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School rules (well Andrew thinks so anyway)

Once again I find myself writing about education. I knew I had a strong view on it, but recently I’ve really felt compelled to write my thoughts down, mainly so they come out of my head and allow me to have some brain space back! This week I was interested to read about the case of a father who received
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My parent’s eye view of education

I’ve been meaning to write about my views on education for a while. A combination of us approaching the end of Andrew’s first year at school and all the coverage of education in the news recently has finally prompted me to do so. My last blog post explained why Joel isn’t starting school in September, and this one talks more
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Starting school, or not

I don’t get time to blog much at all these days, but just recently I’ve felt that I need to write my thoughts down on a topic about which I have had several conversations in the past month. And that is: starting school. Parents who had applied for their child to start school in September 2016 heard last week at
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Just 3 years old – the disconnect of physical strength and mental capacity for understanding

I haven’t blogged for a loooooong time! That’s mainly because my business has taken off and I just don’t get the time to do both, and nobody is paying me to write so sewn orders come first. But this evening I’m such an emotional wreck that I can’t focus on work and it can wait until tomorrow now anyway. This
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